People Are Interesting

Standing in line at IKEA the other day (I chose poorly, the line that moved the s-l-o-w-e-s-t - and every register had long lines) I was behind a young woman.  Her manner of dress was ok, fairly modest by young people's standards.  She was covered in tattoos and had multiple piercings. Just something I noticed.  Pretty soon, a guy came up to her.  Don't know if it was husband, boyfriend or brother, just that you could tell he was more than a friend.

He also was covered in tattoos.  And was a bit agitated.  He'd apparently been in conversation with an employee, trying to get some help, and another customer interrupted and this young tattooed guy was immediately ignored.  It bothered him.  (And yes, I was bothered by it (for him) as well.) He tried to regain the employees attention but was treated as though he was invisible.  He wasn't super loud, but it was obvious he was upset. In my mind, deservedly so.

I tried to not appear as though I was eavesdropping (in spite of the fact that I pretty much was) and just continued with my texting to The Husband.  (What is it about the Asian culture (in general) that they refuse to wait their turn/stand in line/respect another's body space? Hard to ignore when they make it so obvious.)  Though when our eyes connected I did offer up a small smile.

Finally, it was my turn to pay for the wedding gift, the young man and woman were wheeling out their cart full of purchases when he turned around, gave me a nice smile and said, "have a great day."

After puzzling this over in the back of my mind for a couple days, I finally decided that it was his effort at erasing his bad feelings.  He wanted to turn his mind toward more positive things.  (I read recently that constant complaining actually hard-wires your brain toward complaining.)  I respect him for his desire to be pleasant in spite of how he was treated.  And I really do hope his day ended up better than it was at IKEA.  Outward appearance doesn't always truly reflect the soul.

Today I'm grateful it's Wednesday and The Husband comes home tonight.  (YAY for us!!) I'm grateful for people who give others a pass on their (hopefully occurring only sometimes) inconsiderate/selfish/hateful behavior.  (Though I'm still trying to figure out why that guy running past me on the trail this morning told me "good job!"  That wasn't hateful or unkind or anything, just don't know why he felt I needed it.  Was it because I sorta scuffed my shoe but didn't fall down?  It was hardly a hiccup in my step.  Strange, huh?) I'm grateful for dentists - hopefully he'll help my aching tooth next week.  And I'm grateful for the opportunity to spend a couple hours at the temple this afternoon.  I think I need some peaceful rejuvenation.


May and June seem to be busy months.  The Husband is in CA already today and I'm lonesome for him.  This will be a short trip (thankfully), he'll be home for only a day and then we'll head out of town for a granddaughter's high school graduation (another short/quick trip).

Then he's home for just a week (a busy week filled with catching up and events) and then he'll head back to WWDC in CA for an entire week.  I'm already trying to steel myself for how long that trip will be.

And right now I'm a bit concerned about him.  He wrenched his back on Friday, aggravating a previous back issue and spent that day either in the recliner or flat down on the couch.  It hurts me when he hurts!  But we decided to spring the extra $50 for first class for his flight this morning and I think it was well worth it, doubt he'd have managed that flight all cramped in coach.

Yummy / sinful breakfast!
So our weekend was more low-key than usual.  The Husband prevailed on the good grace of our grandson to help him in the yard for a bit and accomplished the one thing that has been weighing heavily on him - there never seems to be enough time to accomplish all he needs/wants to do around here.

We did manage to fit in a movie though The Husband wasn't quite comfortable enough to totally enjoy it (though a movie was his response when I asked him what thing he'd most like to do on Saturday) and we both were grateful the theater has recently upgraded the seats, the new ones are better for his back.  We treated ourselves to our favorite pizza.  And spent the evening resting his back.

See those worn through holes? :^(
And I discovered my favorite pajama bottoms (been wearing them about 12 years) have worn out. They're washable silk and I somehow expected them to last forever.  I love the feel of silk clothing (though my experience wearing it is limited).  I spent a bit of time on the interwebs trying to find a replacement but refuse to pay the big bucks.  (I think the only reason I bought these was that they were on a clearance, I'm not big on spending lots of money for clothes.)  So while I'm sad they're worn out, I'm so glad I got to enjoy them all these years!

And this morning?  The Husband left around 4:30 for his flight. After trying unsuccessfully to get back to sleep I headed out on the trail for my walk - lovelovelove getting out there just a bit earlier, the trail is much emptier.  After dropping some must-go-out-today letters at the post office, I maneuvered my route home past Corner Bakery and came home with this breakfast treasure.  Their chocolate croissants are absolutely heavenly and just the right size (and price $1.49 + tax).

I'm grateful for daughters who keep in touch, for the ability to fast and pray for divine help.  I'm grateful for those who offer Priesthood blessings when they see a need.  For those who are willing to step forward and help with meals (and other compassionate service).  And today especially, for the sunshine.  The peonies are lovely!


Ice on flowers.
It surely feels, to me anyway, that lately there is a distinct lack of optimism.  People are struggling with all sorts of challenges, discouragement is a constant specter, hope is hard to hold on to.  I'm wondering about this state of affairs, and where it's headed.

Snowy sunrise looking east.
• Yesterday morning we woke to a bare skiff of snow.  34 degrees when I left for my walk.  I loved the crisp tinge to the air and the fact that I had warm clothes to wear.  It was lovely out.  This morning? It was 29 degrees when I left the house. My alternate walk route took me past this particular yard - they have the loveliest flower beds and gardens in the spring and summer.  I had to walk over and take this picture of their plants, covered in towels to save the tender plants from (what felt like - mostly because it's nearing the end of May and we expect it to be warmer) the bitter cold.  I think those gardeners have a special affinity for growing things.

Snowy sunrise looking west.
• The Husband has had a work challenge since the end of last year.  The replacement managers (who came on scene about 7 months ago) are so much less than pleasant.  They tossed all reason into the air and came down with: a firing, micro-managing (to the extreme) impossible to reach deadlines and demands on time that were unreasonable.  It's been a bit of a tough time.  Yesterday The Husband had a conference call with his new supervisor (who (unfortunately-but-had-to) included the (IMO twit) micro-manager which ended up being essentially The Husband's annual review.  Twit was her usual uncomplimentary self.  Morale amongst the team is at an all-time low, people are on notice (and on job searches), sick days are common - yeah, hard. The Husband would likely say I'm painting a much grimmer picture than things really are, and that's likely possible.  It's easy for me to be all "mama bear" about him and our children and loved ones.  Doesn't change that work isn't pleasant for him.

Towel protected plants.
• Set against the backdrop of other life's goings-on and it could have been a better Wednesday.  No, there's nothing life-threatening, just that old nasty adversary doing his best to bring us all down. I don't like it, I'm sending him packing!

• I finished a project yesterday for a friend - all that's left is the framing and I'll wait until a stupendous coupon comes along to help defray the cost. I'm already casting about for the next projects (got a couple recipient people in mind).  In the meantime, I've started a new book that has already grabbed my attention, I love his writing.  We'll see how it all turns out (though it is non-fiction so I already have a pretty good idea of the ending).

• And that picture of 3 Ways To Fail at everything life:  I wish I had the artistic ability to change it to 3 Ways To Succeed at everything in life.  1. Seek the blessing in every trial. 2. Invite the Savior to every decision you make. 3.  Always, always, always be grateful.

• So I'm thinking about all this discouragement going on.  I wish there was a "hope" transfer I could give to everyone I see that has a struggle.  I want to be full enough of good cheer that I have plenty to share.  Pain is real, whether physical or unseen. I'd like to be able to help dispel some of that pain. "A trouble shared is halved, a joy shared is doubled."

And in the midst of struggles I want to always be able to find some gratitude.  I'm grateful to be invited to pray for a friend.  There is power in prayer. I'm grateful to know that there is a Heavenly Father watching over us, who always has our best interests in mind and will never forsake us (though hard the road we travel may seem). I'm grateful for hope in a brighter tomorrow, and tomorrow, and tomorrow.