It's Still Stunning

It seems like every time I walk outside I have to just stop and stare at the fall beauty around us. The trees are at their autumn finest.

So today I only have one picture. I haven't been taking as many for some reason.  But Saturday we worked out in the yard for a bit, I did the fall rose pruning.  That means these are the last blooms of the year.  I love to just stick my nose in them and inhale.  And fresh flowers in the house always brighten the room.

The Husband is off to CA for a couple days.  He'll leave this afternoon and come home late tomorrow.  How grateful I am that he'll only be gone for one sleep.  Then we'll have an overnight trip together a bit later while we attend the wedding of a coworker of his.  Not often we get invited to actual weddings - this will be so interesting for us. 

I've been asked to speak in Sacrament meeting in two weeks.  For five minutes.  And I'm already anxious about it. I'm guessing I'll be the first one to speak (out of 4 speakers he said) so I think of myself as the "warm up act".  Which means that people won't be paying too much attention to what I say.  Maybe I can erect a screen between me and the congregation to ease my nerves?

Had occasion to drive the new car in the dusk last night.  Got to see the "steering responsive headlights" in action.  Kinda fun.  I'm still reluctant to drive the car much. But it is way fun.

Today I'm thankful for enough mileage points and car rental points that drastically reduce our little overnight trip to CA for the wedding.  I'm grateful for birthday #2 for our youngest grandson.  He's precious to us. I'm grateful for beautiful weather and a warm snug home.


Fall is in full force here in Draper and it is beautiful.  Just stunning.  The days are in the 60's.  The nights in the 30's and 40's.  I love when I'm driving down the street and the trees are snowing leaves. Really, how could anyone complain about this beauty?
The other night we took a quick walk and I tried my best to capture the variety of colors along the back of our neighbor's yard.  I think you might have to actually physically stand in front of them to get the full effect.  Yeah, mighty wonderful.

Those colder nights mean the spiders are looking for warmth.  This daddy-long-legs caught attention because of it's leg-spread, usually they're more tucked in than that.  And yes, he was big.  And yes, I was very cautious how close I'd put my hand. And hesitant and nervous. 
I try pretty hard to just keep my head down, do my own thing (at least in the way I think Heavenly Father wants me to do it) and mind my own business.  I'm still surprised at those who think I need to march to their drummer.  And am grateful for those who let me make my own mistakes. Even at 66 years of age, I still don't care to be told what to do. I suppose I should feel good that someone is paying attention to me.  Doesn't quite feel right that their only attention is to boss me around.  (But then, maybe there's that Karma thing?)

Had a visitor this morning.  She mentioned an item in our little curio cabinet and asked me about it. After I told her, I mentioned that I don't like to keep lots of stuff but that pretty much everything in that cupboard was given to me by someone I care about. I pointed out a few of those items and who gave them to me.  Her response was heart-warming and sobering at the same time.  She said:  look how much you're loved. Truly, I hadn't ever thought about those little trinkets that way. (I try to not care so much about "stuff".)  But once she said that I was stopped in my mental tracks.  Really.  Kinda balances out all those who like to direct my every decision.  I should never, never, never complain.

And I finally did it. I replaced the Prius. I had pretty much decided what I wanted.  The Husband pretty much left it all up to me. And I pretty much was tired of waiting/fussing about it.  I drove the car home from the dealer, took our daughter and grandson for a quick spin around the block, backed the car in the garage and left it there.  For a whole day.  I was, quite frankly, afraid to drive anywhere.  I kept mulling things over in my head and thinking mostly about all the reasons why I shouldn't have done it. 
Until today, when I absolutely had to run a few errands.  I wasn't on the road but a few minutes and realized I was totally enjoying driving.  It's been a long time since I really enjoyed driving around.  The Prius was a fine car - trouble free in all the years we owned it. But staid - a bit boring.  The new car lets me sit higher, the visibility is great, it's got all kinds of gadgets and doodads making things nice and yes, it's more fun to drive.  I imagine this might be the last car I'll get. I'm totally planning to enjoy it!

So today I've lots to be grateful for.  I'm beyond grateful for a husband who has never failed to take great care of me. He has always made me feel cherished.  What a huge blessing that is.  I'm grateful for the beauty of the seasons that at times can leave me almost breathless in admiration. I'm grateful for friends who visit who look at things in such a positive way that I am enriched by their words and association. I'm grateful for 30% off everything mailer (even sale items) from Kohl's (I don't very often get 30% off, but it seems to come around at just the right time). I'm grateful for a new doughnut shop (only tried the doughnut and the chocolate croissant - the doughnut was really yummy!) that's a bit far away to patronize too often, but close enough when the doughnut need strikes. I'm grateful for insurance of all kinds - car, health, vision (my new glasses would have been unaffordable without that insurance!).  And I'm grateful for life and hope.  I try to never take any of the goodness in life for granted.

YAY for Thursday

Tuesday morning.
Because, The Husband returns home tonight!  I am already counting the hours.  (If I wanted to be totally accurate, I might say that I've really been counting down the days/hours since Monday morning when left for CA.)   I have missed him so!

Today is mostly pictures.  Yesterday morning I walked down to the south end of our street where the construction is finally finished on the street widening.  There's still the planting to do and a couple fences to replace, but the road is open again (finally!!) to traffic.  I wanted to see what's happening with the trail paving.  It's coming along.  Anyway, all that is a preface to the picture of the sunrise - around 8 a.m.  It was beautiful, the camera never quite does justice to the colors the way the natural eye can.

The trees are really coming in to their own fall beauty.  Tuesday morning I took this one of the orange next to the blue spruce - I so love the contrast.

Wednesday morning
The full moon was absolutely spectacular overnight.  At one point the clouds made the moon look like it was smiling - but of course, at 6:15 a.m. it's too dark to really take a decent shot with my phone camera. (Those phone cameras do have a couple limitations.  Or maybe it's the operator?) I did get one a half hour or so later that wasn't too bad, it was lovely as it set behind the west mountains.

And I took one of the valley - just because. It was a pretty morning, the cloud decorated sky was fun above the lights and  I don't know, just felt like including a picture of it.

Thursday morning moon set.
So I'm arranging more meals.  A sister in our ward is having twins tomorrow.  Along with the 4 high-energy children she already has, she'll be having her hands full.  So, lots of meals going in.  I'm counting on the ward members to fill the sign up sheets.

I'm so grateful today for the return of my bestest friend. I'm grateful for church this Sunday.   I really do love conference but will be glad to get back to our ward.  I definitely am a creature that prefers routine (most of the time).  I'm grateful for the beauty of fall, for the cooler temps tinged with a crispness that doesn't yet border on uncomfortably cold.  I'm grateful we've had the funds to be able to have a crew come mow our lawn all summer, but equally grateful that The Husband doesn't mind doing it now that we've dismissed the mower-guys for the season. I'm hopeful that there'll be some movies to see soon, and grateful that The Husband doesn't mind foregoing a High Priest social this weekend - I just crave (need) some time with him.  Just him.  I'm grateful that Thursday is here!

I Liked

The last few days have felt busy.  Probably not by some other folks' standards, but I guess by mine, they were.   As busy as they were, I found a few things to like.

I liked that The Husband's little skin procedure (common cell removal) was successful - and quick and easy.  (I'm not liking so much that he now has a total black eye and has to go in the office looking like he's been in a fight.  And no, it wasn't with me (I would never never never do anything like that to him!).  It was with the surgeon's scalpel.  He's been amazingly patient with it, hasn't complained at all, even though I know he must have had some pain.  I'm thinking today might be the day the bruise looks the worst, and hopefully by the time he returns he'll be looking/feeling much better.)

I liked that when we went to see our son and his family, that our daughter-in-law seemed to like her birthday gift.  (I'm not so great at ideas for gifting.)

I liked that when the little-guy grandson was getting ready for bed, and I started singing a quiet little song to him that he immediately went still and relaxed, ready for sleep.  I hope to retain that memory for a very long time, it is balm to my heart.

I liked that we had our daughter and her family in town for General Conference.  They had some tickets to the Conference Center. It was a wonderful conference - I'm looking forward to reading the talks in the next Ensign. I always enjoy having our daughter around - the house felt full with everyone here.  (But I can tell I'm getting "old" when I'm ready to go to bed just as the younger set is ready to get started on fun.  It's sad to feel old - and I've never been a night person, have always wanted to go to bed early.)

I liked that we were able to take some friends to Hale the other night.  The play was a bit of a departure from their norm - (and frankly on the stupid side of things) but enjoyable nonetheless.  The best part was being with our friends.  We laugh together and have a good time; for that I'm extra grateful.

Good book.
I liked that we've managed to share our Nashi pears around with some friends/neighbors.  They're a once-a-year luxury. 

I liked the book I just finished.  When I hear about a movie I'm wanting to see, and that it's based on a book (novel or non-fiction, doesn't matter) I like to find the book and read it first.  This one is coming out in November. And while there might be parts of the book I disagree with, I still enjoyed it.  Considering that it's categorized as a JF (juvenile fiction) at our library, I figured it was bound to have a happy ending. Which it did.  And I have no doubt that there will be critics of the subject matter and the manner it is handled.  Doesn't matter to me, I am glad I read it.

I liked that I was able to get back on the trail this morning after 4 days of inactivity.  It felt tremendously good, the air was crisp and cool (32 degrees) but I was warm in my jacket and hat. 

Brrr for inside the house.
I like that it's now October and our (actually my) self-imposed rule of not turning on the furnace until it gets to be October is fulfilled.  It's officially time for furnace turning on/heating the house.  The thermostat in the family room read 63 and that was after I'd had the fireplace on for a while. I am going to try to stick it out until the weekend when the temps will be in the 70's.  Warm socks and sweaters for me while The Husband is in CA.

Today I'm grateful for a teensy bit of hope.  For hope that The Husband will figure out what is the best resolution to his work woes. (I'd really like to see him be less unhappy at work!  He deserves that!!)  I'm grateful for warm jackets to wear when I walk.  I'm grateful for a working furnace I can use to get warm.  I'm grateful for texting and pictures to share on my pocket phone.  For good things to read and good shows to watch on tv.  And for enough - I truly am grateful for contentment.