Was in Hobby Lobby the other day - haven't been there in months.  I always like to look at their wall art.

I really like this picture. And I've heard that phrase often. And yes, I agree.

But:  if I were asked to complete that phrase.  I'd probably say "Gratitude turns what we have into wealth."  Or "Gratitude turns what we have into bounty."  Because gratitude changes everything into so much more than "enough".

Smoky Friday

Walked out the door this morning (at 6:30) to heat.  And smoke.  It feels like the whole state is on fire. Again.  And it seems early this year for so many fires and so much heat.  By the time I returned home just before 8 it was hotter and smokier.  I'll be staying inside today.

Yesterday we had the air conditioners tuned-up.  As hot as it has been we want them in top shape and they haven't been touched (serviced in any way) since the day they were installed.  We were impressed with both the technician and  the company.  We'll use them again.

So the technician was doing his work, we kept an eye on things as we always do (never know when we'll need to be informed of something or answer some questions).  Wasn't long before he was asking us how long we'd been married, "you two do everything together, you're so cute".

Yup, am so grateful for The Husband.

On my walk this morning I noticed this little bird sitting on a rail leaned up against a fence. Looks like an immature starling (so, definitely not my favorite bird) and it was just kind of sweet sitting there.  I couldn't get any closer because of the brush between the trail and the fence so the picture has been cropped and cropped.  Hopefully the birdlet is visible.

After The Weekend

It was a nice weekend.  Though I confess, church was a lot less stressful without the organ.  July wouldn't have been my month anyway, but it was strangely restful to sit among the congregation knowing that I wouldn't have to play the organ again (unless I substitute, which I've offered to do).

Saturday seemed to be a "knock off a bunch of chores" day.  The Husband gots lots of work done in the yard.  Though it seems like for every one thing he crosses off the list, another couple things are added.  But it does feel good to accomplish things.

Last week we managed to get the gutters on the house cleaned and the cover for the window well (cute-little-neighbor-boy-deterrent) arrived and looks great.  We'll recommend this company to anyone!

After cleaning off the solar panels The Husband said he was ready to tackle the broken branch up in the tree.  I'd previously told him he wasn't getting up in that tree.  He keeps reminding me that he climbed plenty of trees in his youth and is/was comfortable in them.  I remind him right back that his youth was more than several decades (and several pounds) ago.  In any event, I reluctantly agreed as long as he'd use the big ladder and I was standing by.  I told a friend he was 20-25 feet up in the air and was corrected that he was really only about 12-15 feet up in the air.  He's probably right.  It just felt like he was super high.  He managed to cut the broken branch and it fell just like I thought it would.  He also managed to sit on a smaller branch (branch-let?) which then had to be cut off as well (yes, it broke). But we got all the branches cut up and in the garbage with the only injury being a fairly substantial bruise on The Husband's arm.  My heart recovered from its lurching beat when he nearly (almost but not quite) fell and we're both doing just fine.  :^)

I thoroughly enjoyed the lesson in R.S. yesterday - the subject was "hope".  I'm a big fan.
Cute little family

I've only run into the woman-who-calls-me-names-because-I-walk-where-I-want-not-where-she-dictates one other time.  She still called me dumb-dumb.  What she hopes to accomplish with her form of taunting/bullying I haven't a clue.  I was nervous about walking Friday and this morning, seeing her causes me some measure of anxiety. But gratefully, I haven't seen her.  Though I did see the muskrat (That's exactly why I walk near the edge of the creek so I can see these things.  From what she deems is the proper side of the trail I'd be too far away to see down in the creek bed and would miss the critters.) swimming along and this mama duck and her 10-12 (hard to count because they never are still) duck-lets.  She was so cute with them, making sure they were protected.

I'm looking forward to a mid-week holiday.  We'll get to see our son and his family that we love but see less often than we'd like.  They live just far enough away that it's not quite so easy to jump in the car and get together.  I wonder if their little guy will remember us?

And today I'm grateful.  Yesterday was Fast Sunday and I so love the privilege and opportunity of fasting.  I'm grateful for gift cards to restaurants so we can treat ourselves after a day of working around the house.  I'm grateful for discovering the soft serve ice-cream cone at Chick-fil-A, makes for a yummy quick snack that's not too awfully big.  I'm grateful for my new iron, it works great. And for early harvest tomatoes - there's nothing like fresh home-grown tomatoes in season.


I make this woman crazy.  This section of the trail I walk runs along a creek.  I love to walk close to the lefthand edge so I can see the ducks and muskrats and plants.  It's a never-the-same view that I enjoy as I start my day.

And yes, it is customary to walk on the right.  But...there's no reason I can't walk on the left if I choose.  No law, no rule.  Mostly when I'm on this section of trail, it's before 7 a.m. and there aren't too many people on it.  Further reinforcing the thought that it doesn't matter if I'm on the left, right or middle part of the trail.  Frankly, I don't think it's anyone's business.

This woman has made it her business.  She's yelled at me multiple times and ordered me to walk on the right.  I generally avoid talking to people on the trail (unless they're friends) for lots of reasons. Safe to say I don't talk to people first, I'm usually head and eyes down or looking around, not at people.

I figured I'd see her this morning, the timing was right.

Now, remember, I've done nothing but walk on the left hand side of the trail as is my right to choose.

And yet, I'm grateful today that I generally avoid confrontation.  I so dislike it.  It's really odd to me that some people seem to seek it out, to make sure people "toe their line".  I'll probably avoid that part of the trail at that time, which is sad that I can't do what I like.  Or maybe I'll get someone to walk with me next time?