After The Weekend

It has been so wonderful having The Husband home again! We spent most of the weekend side-by-side.  I loved having some leftover sandwich makings for Saturday morning's breakfast: croissants with egg, ham and cheese (and of course the chocolate milk I had on hand) - yum!  We ran a ton of errands on Saturday, got most of Christmas taken care of.  Even managed to go out with some friends for a bite to eat.

Even though I wasn't really in the mood for socializing at church, I was obedient and went (I know that when I go to church regardless of my mood, it's always a good thing!) and was in a much better frame of mind after.
Yummy breakfast!  

And though it's only mid-December, we've an inversion setting in.  Between the bad air and the morning fog, it's with great trepidation that we venture out.  Tomorrow I just might do the treadmill instead - and wish I was outside!

Read this quote the other day and loved it: (Why am I the last person in the world to hear this?)

Don't only practice your art, but force your way into its secrets; art deserves that, for it and knowledge can raise man to the Divine. --Ludwig van Beethoven

I'm grateful The Husband is home from his trip.  I'm grateful for something good to read when I get a minute or two.  I'm grateful for kind words from others - especially when those words are kind about someone I care about.  I'm grateful for something to look forward to:  a haircut, an evening out, lunch with friends, and the bottom of my pile of ironing!  :^)n

A Long Week

Sunday afternoon The Husband left for the office in CA.  This is the last trip he'll make into the office for this company, his last day for them will be next Friday.  How grateful we are that this time the choice was his, that someone reached out with an offer of a job with a company that we are counting on to have a better work environment.

His flight home last night was delayed by 2 1/2 hours.  He finally parked in the garage about 1:30 or so, we tried to be asleep by 2.  By that time, I'd had a little nap and was wide awake. Consequently, the night held little sleep for me.

But, my bestest is home again.  My heart doesn't feel so torn. 

I stayed home most of the week, so yesterday morning/afternoon encompassed quite a few errands. I've completed a lot of Christmas shopping, though we tend to spend a bit less with each passing year.  Our loved ones all have so much, they don't really need anything we could give.  The stumper is The Husband.  What do you gift someone who is totally content? I'm fresh out of ideas.

Very Interesting.
I've only a couple more people to find something for.  I hope they all are at least a bit pleased with what we gift.

While I was out I ran across this display of mens suits.  Yes, suits.  Complete with matching ties. I just stood in astonishment at this sight.  And no, I didn't buy any.

Today I'm so grateful for the return of The Husband. I'm a much better "me" when he's around.  I'm grateful for down comforters.  For the financial ability to acquire a few things to gift for Christmas.  For a fun evening to look forward tonight. For sweet sisters who generously donate meals to others in our midst who are in need. I'm grateful for a couple friends to go out with.  For working furnaces (when the temps are down in the teens overnight), for music in my life, for something good to read and for a new job with good insurance in our future.


Pretty at the park.
Had a fun walk yesterday morning, around the park where the Christmas lights have officially been turned on.  It is lovely.

Had a fun lunch yesterday with a couple sweet friends.  We sat at the restaurant for several hours and I thoroughly enjoyed our time.  They are patient with this old lady who talks too much.  Though I ate too much as well and spent most of the rest of the day being stomach miserable.

Yum for breakfast.
Had an almost fun visit to the dentist this morning.  Both of us came away with a "good job"-no-cavities-thumbs-up.  So on the way home we stopped for a doughnut and some chocolate milk.  To celebrate.

Things are changing with The Husband's work.  I'm looking forward to him being happier in his career.  He doesn't complain but I know this last year has been a challenge.  He deserves to be happy at work.

I'm thankful for dental and health insurance.  For texts from far away friends that I've missed hearing from.  For chocolate milk.  And for hope that The Husband will enjoy his last few years of employment.

Post Thanksgiving Weekend

We had a nice day on Thursday.  Everyone came.  Everyone ate.  And everyone seemed to get along.  I call that a win.

Friday The Husband and I boarded Trax and headed downtown.  I needed to pick something up.  And neither one of us felt like fighting traffic and battling for parking.  So for $5 total we took a round trip on Trax and it was way more peaceful.  I wore the wrong shoes, we did quite a bit of walking and came home with a couple good blisters (but really, are blisters ever good?) on my heels.  I enjoyed our time together.

Finally realized late on Saturday that my tradition is to put up the Christmas tree and our few decorations the day after Thanksgiving and I totally forgot.  Maybe it'll happen some time this week. Felt kind of dumb for not even thinking (or really caring) about it.

I had a conversation with someone the other day.  About those who are late.  He voiced an opinion that resonated with me.  And while on some subconscious level I've known what he said is true, it wasn't until it was verbalized that I recognized it.  And it stung.  He said that when people are late, they are letting you know how little they respect you.  How little they care. The reason it stung is because there it is: concrete proof that someone doesn't really care, they are consistently late for any invitation I extend. I've got to let that hurt go.

And yesterday in Relief Society we were discussing Elder Holland's talk from conference "Songs Sung and Unsung".  I remember listening to that talk and having my heart touched, as most things to do with music are wont to do. He starts his message quoting the words to "There Is Sunshine In My Soul Today".  There were some good contributions to the discussion from the sisters.  But the phrase that often stands out to me is this one:  "And Jesus listening can hear, the songs I cannot sing".  I love that image, that He can hear the joy/ache/pain/anguish/happiness in my heart that at times can only be held inside.  I've been singing that verse in my mind over and over.

I spent my walk this morning mentally oohing and aahing over the stunningly beautiful skies.  We'd a storm front coming in, it was super blustery (it's now raining, yay for us, we need the moisture) and the colors on the clouds were jawdropping.  Even The Husband texted me a message:  WOW! I took like twelve pictures, had to remove one from this post - it was so windy out the picture turned out blurry but I couldn't tell until I had it here on the computer.

I'm grateful today that Thanksgiving is less stressful for me now that I've been doing a Thanksgiving Breakfast Feast.  The kids are accommodating enough to come (frees up the rest of their day to do what they really want to do) and I can get my fussing stressing over in the morning.  I'm grateful for grandchildren who act like they want to be around us, including the two year old who actually laughed a little when we took him for a ride on the driveway in the big yellow mop bucket. (It was 71 degrees on Thanksgiving - lovely day out but kind of scary because it's supposed to be snowy and cold here by the end of November!)

I'm grateful for those sisters who sign up to take meals to others and don't hesitate to sign up again and again when there's a need.  I'm grateful for laughter, for a few small Christmas gift ideas, for a reliable comfortable car and for hot chocolate.  I'm grateful when we're invited to see family members sharing their musical talents, that we're included somehow. I'm grateful for lunch out this week to look forward to.  And for beautiful morning skies.