After The Weekend

This morning's pretty moon.
I often like to get back to the routine when Monday rolls around.  This morning found me back on the trail, returning some things to the library (I also like to have a goal - returning library books is a decent one for me).  Had to take a picture of the moon - it was so pretty hanging above the trees.  Though I dislike how Daylight Saving Time puts me back in the dark when I leave the house.  I know it won't be for long.  But I'd just as soon keep the clocks set where they belong instead of all this back and forth.  (Only took me about 5 minutes to figure out how to set the clock in the new car. I'm doing ok.)

Mint chocolate chip
Whenever we take Trax, The Husband always says that one of these days we're going to go to that one stop by the Arctic Circle and have a milkshake. Don't know why he wanted to do that, but he's been saying it every time we ride Trax.  So Saturday (kind of a quieter day for us - no movies to see) was the day.  We rode Trax to that stop, shared a (not really mixed so sort of sub-par though still tasty) mint chocolate chip shake.  I was nervous.  That particular Arctic Circle is a bit "iffy".  But we're still alive and not sick so it was just fine.

That evening we went to dinner with friends.  Started out at Cheesecake Factory but the wait was at least 90 minutes (they wouldn't even give us pager for an hour) so we walked around the corner to Brio Tuscan Grille.  We had a wonderful meal and only had to wait about 7 or 8 minutes for a table.  But the impressive thing to me was the host.  Instead of standing at the desk and shouting out the name, he walked over and in a normal volume mentioned our name and said our table was ready.  I even remarked out loud how much more pleasant that was.  Manners. Seemingly disappearing.  I was grateful for his approach.

Sat. afternoon looking west, it was stunningly beautiful.
I burned my thumb on the curling iron.  I'm such a clumsy some times.  Immediately I snipped a leaf off the aloe plant and applied it to the burn.  The pain was gone. When it dried and started to ache again, I lathered the pad on a bandage with more fresh aloe juice (as well as directly to my thumb) and went about life.  I never even got a blister!  Though the skin at the burn site is slick and strange looking, no blister is huge because it really was a bad burn.  Interestingly, the frustration has been that I can no longer use that thumb to unlock my phone.  Makes me chuckle even to think about it.  I didn't think I was taking that "fingerprint unlock" feature for granted, but I surely am aware of it when I can't use it.

And in class discussion at church yesterday the word "meek" was brought up.  And of course they always have to (unnecessarily) define it as humility so everyone knows what it means.  I think people often think of someone that's meek as someone that's weak.  I looked up meek in the dictionary and was surprised to find this definition pop up:  "enduring injury with patience and without resentment".  I'm not sure I've ever heard that before.  And I love it.  Enduring something (no matter what it is) without resentment relieves one of the need to judge.  Frees us from having to think about the injury and it's consequences.  Places that burden squarely when it belongs, with Heavenly Father and the Savior of this world.  It was definitely a small lesson I needed (and apparently no one else even heard).

Blooming now.  Quite pretty.
I'm so grateful that I can still learn a few things at my "advanced" age.  I'm grateful that I was able to talk myself around some of the nervousness of accompanying the vocal soloist at church yesterday.  I did feel a bit calmer and my hands didn't shake quite as bad (at least until we were done). I'm grateful that I've children who are so good at sending me pictures of the grandchilluns.  I love to be in touch that way.  And, oh, I'm grateful that apparently our package is finally finding its way back to Utah.  It'll be either delivered to the intended recipient today or back to the sender (us) in the next day or two.  At least that's the plan.  So progress there.  Apparently.  I'm grateful to have gone to a luncheon for a ward sister and didn't feel totally uncomfortable, the hostess made sure I felt welcome.  And I'm grateful for the sunshine that gives us hope, that makes the crocus bloom.

Package Update

So I headed over to the post office this morning.  (My daughter wondered if I was "going postal" yukyukyuk.)  Told the woman there that our package left with the wrong zip code on it.  "Oh, dear" she sez.  After some conversation I left the post office with a number to call. (And a print-out of the travels of this package which took the entire page. Yikes!  Which she assured me would be answered by a real person.

Which it was; a very nice lady who helped me figure things out.  Coincidentally, the latest online (post office access only) information showed something new. Someone, somewhere in CA  has apparently figured out there needs to be a different approach.  We're hoping this is the solution. 

Patience is the order of the day.  I'm working on it.

Headed for the shower after my walk to be greeted by this apparition.  In case it's not particularly obvious:  our floor lamp was draped in my robe and topped with a hat.  I truly-almost thought it was a person standing there.  Either a large-shouldered or large-bosomed person.  Never any dullness around here.  The Husband keeps me chuckling.

Was disconcerted on my way to the grocery.  There in the middle of my driving lane, facing me was a car.  Just sitting there. In the way.  At the point I was almost stopped waiting to see what to do, the driver nonchalantly drove off like it was simply routine to be impeding traffic.  Sometimes I think this is a scary world.

Today I'm grateful for grocery stores.  For my piano.  For a treat of a Reese's chocolate peanut butter creme egg (one is sufficient for the season).  For a plan for our dinner tonight. For a plan for dinner out with friends tomorrow.  For compression socks that are oh-so-comforting.  And for the sunshine.

Still Traveling

I'm only posting this package stuff here so I can keep track of the nonsense.  This morning the package had arrived back at the SLC facility.  Just now it's headed back to Oakland.

Apparently no on in the USPS system can read.  They only know the numbers.  If they could read, they'd read the city and state that are in Utah!!

I think I might have to take a little drive over to our local post office.

Where Will It End Up?

That package we sent to the wrong zip code.  It's a bother.  Decided yesterday that I'd actually talk to someone at the post office to see if there's someway to actually get this package sent back to me.  It shouldn't be that hard.  Really.

Tried to do an online chat.  Got a robot-chat.  No help at all.

Tried to do an actual phone call.  After ten minutes navigating an increasingly frustrating menu with no good options, I finally requested a customer service representative.  "All of our representatives are currently assisting .....yada yada yada.  Your current wait time is 1 hour 4 minutes - 1 hour 5 minutes."

I couldn't even laugh at that.  Is it a deliberate ploy to make people get frustrated and give up?

So then I tried the "contact us via email" route.  And (no surprise here) the site for email is "temporarily unavailable".


And now the package has left the Oakland facility for another unspecified facility.